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We use our Best Price Guarantee policy to continually show that our prices are accurate and as low as possible - as we understand that honest and open conversations with our guests mean there are no hidden fees, nasty surprises or additional bills.

It's one of the reasons we see many guests returning year after year. 

Instead of booking our rooms through a comparison site, which can get confusing and be misleading with prices, we recommend you come to us directly to book a stay. 

Talk to us directly and we'll strive to arrange the best holiday possible for you! 

Why book direct? 

  • Best price guarantee - We guarantee you will get the best publicly available price on our website or through our reservation team
  • Exclusive offers - Our website shows the most up to date offers and added value packages
  • Room Availability - We always provide the most up to date availability and will provide alternative options if needed
  • Customer service - Reserving on our website is quick, clear and easy. If you have any questions, our reservation teams are ready to assist you
  • Open communications - Call us on 01237 472005 to speak directly to the Royal Hotel team who will answer all your questions
  • No penalty charges - You can cancel your online booking directly with us up to 24 hours prior to arrival without penalty charges
  • Free Wi-Fi and parking - No hidden extras
  • Best hotel information - Our website is continually updated with the latest details, photography and video imagery

PLUS only available when you book direct... 

Get the conversation going...

Use the "Book Now" buttons to start the booking process online, or call us directly on 01237 472005, for the best price guaranteed.

Alternatively, contact us via our Enquiry Form and we'll get back to you. 

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