11th June 2021

Discover the charm of Lundy Island

Escape to the pristine Lundy Island during a stay at The Royal Hotel.

Experience the charm of Lundy Island with a stay in Bideford’s finest hotel, The Royal Hotel. It makes the perfect hub for your explorations with it being within walking distance of the ferry port, where the MS Oldenburg awaits to take visitors to Lundy from the end of March until the end of October. 

Fun Fact: In Norse, 'Lundy' means 'Puffin Island’. 

When onboard MS Oldenburg, which is Lundy Islands very own vessel, the journey takes around 2 hours to get from the mainland to the island. On the journey take advantage of the saloon, bar, buffet offering an array of hot and cold food, shop and information centre. Although the best part of the journey could very well be the panoramic sights of the coast and if you’re lucky you may be treated to the company of a playful pod of dolphins who often delight in following the ship.

Once you depart the boat, discover a place of wide spaces, big skies and magnificent views, Lunday Island truly is a splendid day trip retreat. Simply walking around the island is a profound pleasure, set against a backdrop of stunning natural rugged beauty the diverse landscape and differing terrain makes it a walker’s paradise. On the West side of the island, there are high and rugged cliffs and to the East, the coastline is much gentler with grassy slopes and many types of wildflowers, which helps to contribute to the islands rich diversity of animal and plant life. 

Another fun fact: Lundy has a milder climate, with more sunshine and less rain than the mainland. 

Lundy is 5km long, and 400ft at its highest point - this small but mighty island boasts a lot of activities for visitors to partake in. Before heading to the island it is recommended to decide what aspect of the island you’re eager to explore to ensure you get the most out of your day trip. To help you get the feel of what you can expect we’ve compiled a list of all the possible activities to help inspire your visit:

  • Bird watching - Bring your binoculars and keep an eye out for the Puffins

  • Walking - Discover the history of the island whilst exploring it on foot

  • Climbing - Will you take on the Devil’s slide? 

  • Diving - Weekly dedicated diving trips to the island are available

  • Lundy Letterboxes - There’s 27 to discover with many taking you off the beaten track 

  • Explore the buildings and monuments - with around 41 monuments and an array of listed buildings the trip is sure to leave you enlightened of the islands diverse history

No matter your interests, the idyllic island of Lunday is sure to charm you in ways you thought unimaginable. So leave the buzz of vibrant streets and where the use of technology is second nature and discover a lifestyle of simple bliss even if it is just for a day.

Being an Island, the tide does dictate the times of departure from Bideford and so these do vary depending on the day and Month you’re wanting to escape to the tranquil landscapes of Lundy. Please ensure to double-check the day trip timetable prior to booking your stay with us.

To book a stay with us, give our friendly team a call on 01237 472005, alternatively use our online booking system simply click ‘Book Now’ below.